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Successful Collaboration in the UAE between Singapore, UK and Fujairah Sembcorp Operations

In July 2011, four environmental, health and safety officers from Sembcorp’s Singapore and UK operations visited Sembcorp Gulf O&M (SGOMC) to conduct an internal audit as well as a staff safety training session. This was the first collaborative exercise conducted jointly by Sembcorp Singapore, UK and the Fujairah Independent Water and Power Plant (F1) team.

Objectives were to impart audit experience to the F1 team, preparing them for the external ISO/OHSAS certification audit at the end of 2011 and, eventually, for certification as compliant with the Abu Dhabi Environment, Health and Safety Management System (EHSMS) requirements.

The Singapore-UK team, comprising Ivy Chua, Joan Toh, Cheong Shu Jun and Adrian Parker, started providing its support in September 2010, and has worked with the F1 team to complete the documentation of the EHS Management System Procedures, and also supported them in the implementation phase. With the team’s expertise and their commitment towards Sembcorp, the collaboration has proved to be valuable and fruitful.

Lead auditor Ivy Chua said, “I am very impressed by the effort and commitment demonstrated by the operations team. They were very eager to find out how to make their systems more robust.”

In addition to the audit, HSE training sessions were incorporated into the visit. This training is part of Group HSE’s regular support to Sembcorp’s business units, which serves to strengthen the Group’s performance as a whole.