Global Business Conference and Business Expo 2017


Olympia Conference Centre, London
21-22 September 2017
Hammersmith Road, London, United Kingdom

International Business Federation (IBF) is a non-profit organisation that creates global platform for entrepreneurs. Its objectives are:

  1. i) Promoting international business collaboration
    ii) Promoting business growth through showcasing business at international level and networking
    iii) Promoting innovation through cross fertilisation of ideas and business mentoring.
    iv) Helping dynamic collaboration between the emerged and emerging markets

IBF helps building trusted relationships of businesses across the globe to enhance collaboration. It organise Global and International Business Conferences and Networking Events, Trade Exhibitions and Business Expo. The IBF consultants help cross -country bridging including legal formalities and deeperunderstanding.

Global Business Conference & Business Expo 2017 is opportunity for Entrepreneurship Promotion & Connecting Businesses

Some of the top minds in international business will be at the event. You can gain and share invaluable insights in a live and highly interactive environment. Put simply, Global business conference is unmissable for your brand and business to seize the global business presence and seeking future opportunities.

It is estimated that the venue will host 5,000 business visitors over two days, including CEOs, managing directors and other key business decision-makers. There will be multi Industry focus between UK and BRICS.

There will be key note speakers, presentations, workshops, seminars and B2B meetings across 2 days.

The main aim of this conference is to provide an international platform for businesses to come together and grow.

The conference will give opportunity to the small businesses to have dialogue with the business leaders, academics, business professionals and government officials from all around the world. There is opportunity to exchange ideas and transfer practical knowledge on global business, engineering, energy, agricultural and health strategies. The Conference will consist of plenary sessions, workshops, networking sessions, exhibitions, trade transactions, keynote speeches, business presentations, panel discussions, and a tour of interesting places


This 2 days immersive business conference will not only stimulate thinking but also give you a opportunity for business connections that will grow your business to a higher level and take your business reputation to a higher level becoming a global brand. Even if a few ideas hit your brain it can do miracles in longer run.

21stSeptember 2017

DAY 1 Programme


9.00     Registration


10.00   Global perspective of business

10.30   UK as hub for global business

11.00   Post BREXIT opportunities in UK and Europe

11.30   Panel Discussion


11.45  Tea/Coffee/ Business Expo

12.15   Global Business Network meeting


13.00 Lunch


14.00   Artificial intelligence for Business

14.30   Inspiring innovation in business

15.00  Tea – Coffee

15.15  Venture Capitalist spectacle  – innovationbusiness funding



Women in Business

Improving Healthcare delivery

Social media in business


17.00 Global Business Executive Club Meeting

22stSeptember 2017

DAY 2 Programme


9.00 Registration


10.00 Routes to British Business

10.30 Business opportunities in India

10.45 Business opportunities in China

11.00 Greater Asia Business Network

11.15 Transatlantic Business opportunities

11.30 Panel Discussion and question answers



13.00 Lunch



14.00  Business Collaboration workshops & Meeting with Business leaders

15.00 Optimising consumer demand and production




Business opportunities in NHS

Research outsourcing

Cyber security

Digital transformation of business

Business tools that make difference

Business Mentoring

Why sponsor Global Business Conference and Business Expo 2017 at Olympia Conference London

Having a presence at Global Business Conference and Expo 2017 will position you and your business as an authority in your industry. You will gain higher respect and credibility straight away and get a step ahead of the competition. You gain higher reputation towards a leadership position.

Global Exposure and access to press

Global Business Conference is unique opportunity for global exposure. The event will be widely publicised and irrespective of your current standing, you will have a status boost and a Global Brand Reputation. Businesses who avidly support events at Olympia London inherently gain reputation in the media, and a business promotion. The main sponsors will also have access to press for briefing.

Enhance your Company’s perceived Image

When you sponsor big events like Global Business Conference and Expo 2017 at London, the public perception of your brand will be as big as your sponsorship. Global high ranking businesses will be under the impression that if your company can sponsor such a big, professional and reputable event, then your own company is a big, professional and reputable one. By sharing the spotlight (with the event), you can gain the respect and credibility of your target market.

Brand Recognition

Conference and Business expo 2017 has a high profile and amass appeal, the people who attend the event physically or virtually will associate your brand with the event you’re sponsoring. In addition your name and or logo will go in the business magazine that will be sent digitally to over 12,000 people who are your potential audience raising your profile and exposing your business to place you can’t reach otherwise. You know that connecting your business name to Global Business Conference will not only breed familiarity and exposure but also increase sub-conscious likeability in your target audience. All our sponsors will have social media boost and a large following and interaction. Your logo will be seen on flyers, billboards, posters, tickets, giveaways, the event page, and more. We will even offer to make a Hollywood style video logo for your business If you don’t yet have one, it boosts the marketing tremendously and it will be for you to use for all future events and your website.

Targeted Marketing

Global Business Conference has opportunity for B2B and B2C target marketing. There is specific targeting opportunities to your niche market. IBF has done the research and cumulated the attendees in sectors targeted for this conference. If you are in area of health, digital technology and media or business services, this event has targeted audience to align with your business . You can selectively promote your product, service or business, pull the trigger and have long term benefits. You wouldn’t get a better opportunity to reach out directly to your target market with global emphasis.

An Opportunity for Lead Generation

Our specially designed business promotion booths will give you excellent opportunity for your business to grab many leads. There is encouragement for the attendees to sign up for a chance to win prizes, and give their information in exchange for some of the items you’re going to give away. Our specially designated “Business promotion coordinator” can address your specific needs

Get a Chance to Know Other Businesses across the Globe

Networking is probably one of the best aspects of Global Business event sponsorship. You’ll get to meet other decision makers or fellow vendors from various industries across the globe that you can do business with in the future.

Very Affordable and flexible sponsorship

Running an ad campaign can be expensive. If you want to go advertise on TV, radio, press and print ads can cost several thousands of pounds or dollars. When paired together, these traditional advertising channels work well, but the cost steep and the time frame to run them is short. The shelf life of an ad is its biggest flaw, and again, you’ll be casting a wide net.

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