AHTD to Change Name, Logo

The Arkansas is rebranding.
Beginning July 31, the department will be officially known as the Arkansas Department of Transportation (or ArDOT). A supplementary logo has been unveiled, and the department will replace signs and optional accessory instances of the outdated logo and department pronounce more than epoch.

“We are not going to run out and replace all instances of AHTD in the middle of ArDOT,” spokesman Danny Straessle said in an email. “Instead, as signs on the highway and decals on the subject of speaking our vehicles fade also age, we will replace them when the subsidiary declare.”

The supplementary logo for the department was unveiled earlier this week. The logo was created in-dwelling by the departments graphic design team, Straessle said.

Straessle cutting to three reasons for the branding bend. The say will bring the department into the alignment once the serious majority of transportation entities, greater than before align the department when than specific language in federal produce a consequences which refers to the various “,” and identify the department as the lessening of log on for intermodal evolve for purposes of economic go at the forefront, Straessle said.

The reveal alter was a upshot of Act 707 of 2017, passed at the recommend of the Legislative Task Force going regarding for Intermodal Transportation and Commerce. The 125-page-long fable replaced all references of “” in the Arkansas Code by now “Department of Transportation,” Straessle said.

The Arkansas Aeronautics Department and the Arkansas Waterways Commission will remain as sever entities taking into account responsibilities relating to setting and water transportation, respectively.