Network with Business People and Individuals that matter to you and your business. Communication increase learning and business growth. Through International Business Federation you can showcase your products or business services to relevant people in the rest of the world both online and off line


You have cross fertilisation of ideas for business innovation and growth through International Business Federation. There are a large number of businessman and women across the world discussing business ideas and looking for support from seniors, investors and venture capitalists.


Most business people good idea what they want to do but they aren’t able to get there. Business coaching makes it happen through converting ideas into actions. Qualified professional coaches enhance your abilities and plug your weaknesses and vulnerabilities, demonise procrastination and bring good results.



i) Promoting international business collaboration
ii) Promoting business growth through showcasing business at international level and networking
iii) Promoting innovation through cross fertilisation of ideas and business mentoring.
iv) Helping dynamic collaboration between the emerged and emerging markets.


Organising Global and International Business Conferences and Networking Events, Arranging Business Mentoring Programme, Arranging Business Expo


International Business Federation offers tons of advantages, you need to seize the opportunity and run with it. It offers opportunity for more creative thinking, smarter logistics, technology and increased international collaboration. In addition it offers business mentoring for success and connections to your desired collaborators.

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Active Business connections and Support:

Our Team Is Ready & Waiting!

You express what you want and our team will try to connect you to possible business collaborator interested in your type of business. ITS WIN WIN SITUATION. The world is small and WORKING TOGETHER WORKS. We have Business Experts and Network Experts who will look after yopur interests. If you have any potential, we will find opportunity for you.

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What our clients say

I highly recommend IBF membership to any business that is serious about being successful.

Sean Boyd

It is personal touches like this which set the Network aside from other business networks and which make it a constant pleasure to attend

John Doe

The Possibilities With IBF Are Endless

With International Business Federation you can have jaw-dropping business growth, a growth that you might have not imagined, the channels that you have not thought of may appear and open right in front of you. You just need to keep thinking and adding the channels, additing demo to our Expo Board which expose your business to millions. You can also wow your potential collaborators with online business matching pitch. If you need Investment, we can help you find Venture Capitalist through our IBF -VC Scheme.

Formula for Business Success:

Get tools and techniques for the success and regular top up seminars to get where you want to be, inspiration, motivation, teaching- all at your door step.

Financial Growth Across Globe:
No matter which country you are in, you can have presence and business in other country that has better financial growth. We can help you.
Shortcode Magic:
Learn the short code magic of the successful business from those who have done it , learned it and mastered it.
Learn Cost Efficiency:
Drive the efficiency and cut the cost as much as you can learning what others in the network can do to help you sharing and collaborating.
Unstoppable Business Growth:
With new methodology, technique and business collaboration you business growth can be stoppable.
The World at Finger Tips:
With internet , the world has become a small nation, if you are part of International Federation and people trust you, your business transactions will happen at finger-tips.
Business System:
Get access to perfect business system that is proven to give you success. Use the opportunity, follow the system and ask for help if you need. Majority of businesses don’t grow because they fail to follow good system.
Tips for Cash Control:
Cash flow is the heart of business, most failing businesses lose control because crossing soft line
Idea into Action:
If you’re an internet marketer, you will love what we offer.

The organisation has 4 main objects:

  • Promoting international business collaboration
  • Promoting business growth through showcasing business at international level & networking
  • Promoting innovation through cross fertilisation of ideas & business mentoring.
  • Increasing dynamic collaboration between the emerged & emerging markets.
Business Networking
Business Development
Business Collaboration
Business Strategy

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International Business Federation will be a key platform for businesses that are looking to expand internationally, export products or set up overseas operations. If you own or manage an SME, this event is an unmissable opportunity for you to network and gain information or assistance in exporting your products or setting up overseas operations – particularly in Central Emerging Europe, the BRICS markets (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), MINT Economies and Africa..

Exclusive IBF “Opportunities” For The Members Across The Globe

Variety of services, opportunities and advantage features. Pick what you like and what fulfills you and your business.

Business Opportunities

You get exposure to some of the top minds in international business, you can gain and share invaluable insights in a live and highly interactive environment.

Virtual Meeting
Business Planning
Planning Success
Social Marketing
Making Money
Business Coaching
Writing Your Success
Ethical Business

Its Your Key to Success Don’t Miss

Its Your Key to Success Don’t Miss

Create your own destiny. The current business scenario in the world requires more creative thinking, smarter logistics, technology and increased international collaboration. There is a need of more dynamic collaboration between the emerged and emerging markets. The UK is a world leader in contributing to solutions across all these areas through IBF. 

We Are Set Out to Help Our Members and Customers Through Unique Combination of Services

We have gone all out to make IBF one of the most advanced business networking and showcasing platform on the planet. We are always adding new features and love hearing back from members and businesses on what they think would make IBF even more unique. We have a dedicated team doing research to increase facilities within our envelope, and helping our members and clients achieving their goals.

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IBF helps transactions of economic resources including the capital, skills, and most importantly people.  
We help international delivery of services such as finance, banking, insurance, and construction.
We also help international trade, investments, information technology and outsourced manufacturing
We help companies cross border establishment. We help companies understanding and putting mechanisms to cope with factors in a different country that may affect business due to the difference in  legal systems, political systems, , labour standards, living standards, environmental standards, local cultures, corporate cultures etc. We also help with import and export regulations, trade agreements, accounting standards etc.

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