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German economy is Trump resistant…for the moment

Donald Trumps spectacular journey from Trump Tower to the White House appears not to have had any impact in footnote to the German economy to date.

However, it may understand sometime for the ripples or waves to hit Berlin.

The general consensus is that uncertainty and pessimism,
two ingredients that induce allergies in the financial sector, are the order of the day, tomorrow and many years in the future.

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Klaus Wohlrabe is an IFO economist:Right now we are not seeing a invincible impact re the subject of the consequences of our poll after Trumps election. After the Brexit vote there was a two-month burning. Thats as soon as we noticed an amassed in uncertainty. This could happen anew, that companies will become more sceptical or more careful in December. After all, Trumps observations are totally erratic, meaning that we first need to see what is actually implemented from the things he announced during the election move around.

In the third quarter the German economy halved to 0.2 percent for that excuse of weak foreign trade.

In contrast private consumption remained upon an upward trend when consumers happy once high employment, wage rises and low immersion rates.

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German government spending is contributing to growth as the country accommodates more than one million migrants who have arrived since the start of 2015.