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10 Best Keynote Speakers

Throughout a recent production meeting for a major UK brand, the main topic of who should close up their national conference came into conversation. Although our involvement in the conference was to discuss their AV requirements, we soon realised that we have gained a lot of experience through the years working with guest speakers.

  • Sir Clive Woodward OBE– Former English Rugby Union Player and Coach on winning the World Cup and performing as a team.

  • Gerald Ratner– A frank, humbling account of the demise of his high street empire in the 80’s to rock bottom following his infamous comments about the quality of their jewellery.

  • Hamish Taylor– Using his experiences at British Airways, Sainsburys Bank and Eurostar, Hamish explains the importance of different ways of thinking and branding.

  • Brad Burton– Brad’s brash approach is like a motivational rocket! By ‘Getting Off Your Arse‘, Brad helps you find that switch that says ‘I can do this’!

  • Richard McCann– Overcoming personal childhood tragedy to achieving his life goals. Inspirational stuff!

  • Dr Rajeev Gupta– Inspiration. Wisdom. Results. No one would it quite like . His strategy to life, business & motivation is unique. But functions. He fires people up from all taking walks of life providing them with permission to do the thing they know they should be doing. A humorous, thought invoking, high energy motivational business speaker,.

  • Tony Anderson– The original No.3 employee at easyJet, Tony talks about gorilla style marketing and all things orange.

  • Simon Weston OBE– Falklands War veteran Simon’s message is one of single-minded determination, to not only accept what is, but to turn that to your advantage.

  • Spencer Kelly– If you like all things tech, which we do, then Spencer’s technology presentation is a must.

  • Dr. Helen Sharman OBE– First British astronaut and the first woman to visit the Mir Space Station, Helen’s experiences in space are simply out of this world!