IBF Support

If you want to find new customers, deliver high quality marketing campaigns and build your business profile, our business data services brought to you in association with Market Location and Thomson Local can help you achieve those objectives.

What are the key features?

With IBF Business Leads, you’ll have access to:

A Suite of Digital Advertising Services from Thomson Local:

  • 20 per cent discount on Digital Advertising Services in the first year*
  • Directly communicate to up to 1.2m potential customers each month**
  • Selected range of digital advertising services to help your business at local, regional and national level
  • Secure a ‘top ranking’ for your business to get noticed online
  • Dedicated UK support team

Online Business Data Service from Market Location:

  • Members-only online access to the most up-to-date, UK business database
  • Helps identify and target business leads for all types of marketing campaigns and budgets
  • A dedicated Marketing Data Hotline

Freephone support from our Marketing Data Hotline:

  • Data selection counts and orders
  • Database cleansing and enhancement
  • Direct marketing help, advice and guidance

What are the benefits?

Benefit from:

  • A specially negotiated exclusive IBF member discount of up to 25 per cent off the standard rate card prices***
  • The most up-to-date UK business database
  • Promote your business digitally and get noticed online
  • Specialist advice to maximise your marketing plans