Are you ready to go global?

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Creating a strong international presence is rarely as simple as telling your customers you ship overseas and then waiting for the sales to roll in. There are numerous things to think about when selling and marketing in another country, and these factors must be considered carefully. Ask yourself the following questions to determine whether your […]

Ways to Help Perfect Your Business Budget

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Three Tips for Better Budgets You owe it to your business to make the process as straightforward, efficient and accurate as possible. Fortunately, with the right techniques and apps, budgeting can be reduced from a stressful, high-stakes endeavor to a logical, simple sequence of steps. 1. Overestimate your expenses and underestimate your revenues. When it […]

5 Big-Business Growth Strategies Small Business Can Use

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1. Market segmentation “Market segmentation” simply means picking a sub-set of the entire marketplace that you can organize your sales efforts around. Out of all the people in the world, who will you try to sell to? Most big businesses are good at carving out their corner of the market. Then they do whatever they […]

Keep the Family Business Going With a Succession Plan

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Family-owned businesses comprise 35% of the Fortune 500 and contribute 64% of GDP, 68% of employment and 78% of new jobs. Estimates are that 80-90% of businesses in the United States are family-owned, 90% of family-owned enterprises control more than one business and 54% plan to start a new entrepreneurial endeavor. All of these statistics […]

The Ultimate Working From Home Guide

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The work-from-home job force is rapidly expanding, with an increasing number of people kissing the dreaded commute to the workplace goodbye. Thanks to ever-evolving technologies like Skype, Facetime, shared computer drives and cloud computing – not to mention good ol’ texting and e-mail – it’s no longer necessary to be physically in an office to […]

When and How to Insure Your Income

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Life is full of calamities. That’s why insurance was invented — people buy life insurance, auto insurance, flood insurance. But what about the one asset you have that allows you to pay for all those insurance policies? That would be your income, which most people don’t think about insuring. It’s understandable that most workers envision […]