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Stream Networks launches long-range, low-powered data network

STREAM Networks has announced the launch of its Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRa-WAN).

The new network enables businesses to take advantage of the benefits that the internet of things (IoT) and machine-to-machine communications brings.

A LoRa network is a long-range, low-powered data network. Simply put, a LoRa network is a communications standard, similar to the mobile phone network.

It has the range of a mobile phone, the flexibility of WiFi and the battery life of a watch.

Why are LoRa-WAN’s needed?

Because the internet of things and machine-to-machine communications is increasing at a fast rate.

We live in an age where you can turn your heating on without being in the house, track the driver who’s delivering your online shopping, and there’s even been talk of smart bandages that update doctors on how a wound is healing.

The possibilities of IoT are huge and are set to transform our digital lives.

What do all these devices have in common?

They all require an internet connection.

However, this internet connection doesn’t need to be ‘on’ all the time.

The only time they need to be connected is when they have a message to send.

Using one of the examples above, a doctor doesn’t need a minute-by-minute breakdown of how a wound is healing.

Instead, they might want to check in every other day.

This, therefore, makes it a low bandwidth activity.

The fact that these devices are low bandwidth means that the network they connect to can also be low powered, and therefore the devices on it, have a vast battery life.

A typical network would drain the battery life of its devices fairly frequently.

For example, a mobile phone connected to and actively using the Bluetooth network will lose its battery quicker than when Bluetooth is switched off.

The devices used on a LoRa-WAN network will be sending periodic data, therefore using low power, resulting in a battery life of up to 10 years or devices that can use miniature solar panels to power their connectivity.

Matt Shanahan, Stream Networks chief executive, said: “Investing in a LoRa-WAN network allows us to offer our customers a complete IoT/machine-to-machine net-work solution whether its connecting their devices to our LoRa network, 4g or fixed line our IoT solutions are helping businesses in their digital transformation.”

If you would like to learn more about LoRa-WAN or are considering implementing an IoT or machine to machine solution for your business, contact Stream Networks on (01635) 884170 or email

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