Connecting your business to the rest of the world opening the door

The main aim of this conference is to provide an international platform for academics, business professionals and government officials from all around the world to come together to exchange ideas and transfer practical knowledge on global business, engineering, energy, agricultural and health strategies. The Conference will consist of workshops, tutorials, networking sessions, exhibitions, trade transactions, keynote speeches, paper presentations, panel discussions, and a tour of interesting places.

Some of the top minds in international business will be at the event for you to gain and share invaluable insights in a live and highly interactive environment. Put simply, Global business conference is unmissable for your brand and business to seize the global business opportunities.

It is estimated that the venue will host 5,000 business visitors over two days, including CEOs, managing directors and other key business decision-makers. There will be multi Industry focus between UK and BRICS.

There will be key note speakers, presentations, workshops, seminars and B2B meetings across 2 days.

21- 22nd September 2017 Olympia Conference Centre, London


The current business scenario in the world requires more creative thinking, smarter logistics, technology and increased international collaboration. The UK is a world leader in contributing to solutions across all these areas. There is a need of more dynamic collaboration between the emerged and emerging markets.

UK is a Global hub, is strategically located in the global giving opportunity to the travellers and business people from the East to the West and Vice-Versa for stopping over and enhancing the business.

Opportunities in Global Conference

Financiers and investors

Financiers and investors who will finance or invest in projects in countries around the world

More Revenue Stream

Through Global Business Conference you will gain access to new sources of revenue

Managers and Marketers

Experts to manage and market company products and services globally

Market Development

You have global customer diversity & spreads your business risks across a broader customer base

Business owners

Exposure of products to global markets through business expo.

Business Growth Opportunities

If the economy, supply issues, environment or government regulations in one country negatively affect you, you can still find success in other countries


Create stunning collaborations across the world and create partners , clients and customers

Strategic Alliances

Gain access to new materials and resources and have the ability to form strategic alliances around the globe

2 Days Full Immersion in Business Growth opportunities

This 2 days immersive business conference will not only stimulate thinking but also give you a opportunity for business connections that will grow your business to a higher level and take your business reputation to a higher level becoming a global brand. Even if a few ideas hit your brain it can do miracles in longer run.

Interactive Workshops
How I win over competitors
Procuring contracts in UK
How UK business climate helps business growth
Sustainability as global issue

Incorporating the Entrepreneurial way in Business, Social and Political Entrepreneurship.

Understanding the role of creativity, innovation and multiple competencies involved

Incorporating the Entrepreneurial way in Business, Social and Political Entrepreneurship.

Importance of Planning, Raising Resources including Financial Capital, Talent, Know-how etc.

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